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Tips for Teaching Kids to Share, Save and Spend Smart!

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  • Teach the basics early. Toddlers share toys and food with siblings.
  • Find a charity or organization that your child is familiar with or interested in.
  • Talk to them about who you share your money with and why you do it.


  • Make it a hands-on experience. Start with 3 jars labeled share, save and spend smart. (Come down to a Rogue branch to get your jars)
  • Making a goal chart or pasting a picture of a wanted item to their save jar will help kids stay focused on their savings goal.
  • Increase the savings goal as kids get older, or as they start seeing the rewards of saving.

Spend Smart

  • Teach your kids to think and ask questions before spending.  “Do I really need this?” “Is there something similar that costs less?”
  • Use teachable moments, like trips to the grocery store to show them how to make smart purchases, how to compare prices, and how ads are designed to get people to spend money.
  • Make it a hands-on experience! Have kids bring their money to the store, and count it out to see if they have enough to spend.