Grocery Store Savings You May be Missing

Grocery bills can really add up, so make every effort to save where you can! Check out these 4 grocery store savings you may be missing!

  • Use the store’s loyalty card. These cards can lead to big savings and you can often only access certain deals or savings by swiping this card.
  • Shop for staples and other specialty items at unusual places. Sometimes discount stores will carry various items and staples like condiments, crackers and cookies that have been discontinued or overstocked at a fraction of the price.
  • Stock up on BOGO items. A lot of BOGO items are non-perishable, so make your money go twice as far and stock up!
  • Skip driving to several different stores. Driving to a store to save a few cents doesn’t add up with the extra money you’ll be spending on gas. Do your research and plan to shop at the store that has the best deals at the time.

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