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There's a lot into trips with fees. I went on a trip and didn't encounter the fees. I'm lucky my mum could pay for them when I was with her on the trip. P.S. good job on the PowerPoint today

In the video we talked about how preparing and planning will save you money and help you create a senior trip to remember. Here's an activity to help you practice planning and budgeting for a senior trip. Here are some links to travel planning sites, that may help you get some information on hotel and airfare prices.

Senior Trip Activity: Planning your Trip

Amount Saved for Trip: $1,000

  1. Where would you like to go for your senior trip, and how long will you stay?


  1. How much will the trip cost? (Research the costs! Be sure to include travel to and from the location, as well as any tickets or fees for the activities you want to do while you’re there.)


  1. After subtracting travel and tickets/fees, how much of your budget do you have left?


  1. How much can you spend each day on food/souveners/misc.? (divide the amount you have left on #3 by the number of days you will be on your trip. Example: $335 is amount left after subtracting plane tickets and amusement park tickets from $1,000. $335/5 days = $67)


  1. Using your personal finance information, how much will you need to save each month to have $1,000 by May of your senior year?


  1. What will you do to earn extra income or which expenses will you cut back in order to help you save?