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This really enlightened me on saving for and buying a car in the future. I'm considering it now and this video got me more pumped up to look at the situation from a more adult-like view. I appreciate rogues helpful videos I watched four of them! You guys rock my socks off! Thanks!!!

Saving for Your First Car Activity: Planning and Researching

  1. What features are important to you when looking for a car? (safety, 4 wheel drive, gas mileage, etc.)


  1. Research the types of cars that meet your needs. (Be sure to research similar styles across different makes and models.) What types of cars are you interested in buying? (make and model)


  1. Check out prices on and search craigslist to get an idea of what the car should be worth.  List some prices here.


  • Car 1: kbb value: ____________________  features__________________________

  Car 1: price on craigslist:_____________  features__________________________

  • Car 2 : kbb value:____________________  features___________________________

  Car 2: price on craigslist:_____________  features_________________________

  • Car 3: kbb value: ____________________  features__________________________

Car 3: price on craigslist:______________  features_________________________