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First comment!

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This video has made me want to set goals and to be specific in these goals and not just ones that are general but specific to the things that I want to do in life.

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I had finally started my goal and started a savings account at rogue federal

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If you have goals with no time frame set to finish those goals, they're merely just dreams waiting to happen. Your ambition and motivation to do something determines how badly you want to accomplish your goal. Make your goal happen. Make time. You can make anything happen that you set your mind to.

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This video is very helpful to me, it made me realize that there is more to managing your money correctly, its more of setting goals for yourself so you can reach your financal dream. And i realized that you can dream about all your gaols butits another thing to want to go out and achieve them. you need to have the right mindset and the willingness to want to do it. this video really helped me and inspired me to want to set better financial goals for myself in the futer that i will be able to achieve in the end. Thank you so much!

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My Goal is in reach, I want to be a Barber. This Video helped me because it taught me to make reachable goals, Step by step. My goals should be high enough to be a challenge but not impossible. I need to make my Goals measurable so I know when I have accoplished it.

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you set a clear goal for your plan , making that plan can relieve stress that could cause family problems or personal harm , use building blocks to get there don't rush things and take your time , then you can achieve your goal all it takes is determination , I want to personally achieve my own goals to become a author, director and animator , I don't want to be someone that wastes their time in life I want to live life to the fullest and want to enjoy what I do for a living.
I think having a job that is important and fun , is one of the things in life that people should strive for , dont wake up and say im going to a job I hate instead say I'm going to a job I love and I can't wait to get started.

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you need assign a time-frame of deadline and you need to set goals for later in life. i love to set goals because its important to what you will be doing later in life. if people don't set goals for themselves then its going to be really hard to find what they want to do with their career. If i didn't set goals for my future, i wont be doing the things i want to do and it would make me a lazy person which i don't like being anytime. Setting goals is very important because it is going to determine the person you will become later in life and most people set goals while others don't even care about their futures. i don't like sitting around doing nothing because i am the person who likes getting things done.

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Rhino poof unicorn!

The only way to succeed is to first fail and learn from it. Then you have truly succeeded.
"Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime."

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My goal is to obtain a laffy taffy by the end of 10/21/14 at 2200 hours. I also don't have any money. With the dutch bros gift card I would not only purchase a coffee for a homeless, but I would also donate the remaining balance to my mom. :-)

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rogue is life. jdm is life. I <3 rogue federal credit union.

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The goal I'm going to set, is to set a goal.

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I really enjoyed this video because it explained how banking can be good or detrimental to your life. It tells you that if you are responsible you'll be fine but if your not you might end up claiming bankruptcy. Also you said interesting so lets talk about dinosaurs the megalodon was a giant shark yay.

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thank you this video helped me understand on how to make my goal more feasible i hope that other videos will be just as helpful

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i always plan ahead my goals before any work.and from this video you helped me with so many the steps and how to set goals step by step. you are so helpful.;

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I always write down my goals of each day so that I can check them off once I have reached them. It is really helpful and keeps me focused and on track!
I thought this video was really helpful, and I didn't know that goals had to be measurable until I watched this video.
PS. That hair colour is wonderful. :)

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1) Loooooooooove your hair 2) loving the doodles in the background, especially the rhino/unicorn 3) "Life Happens" is my motto, I'm appreciating the use. 4) thanks for coming to the school to teach is the basics, some of those kids rally needed it!

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This was an amazing video that really brought me to understand goals. I cannot wait to see what I can achieve and do in my life. When Sarah came to my classroom to talk about Rogue Credit Union I really felt moved. I now understand that it is possible for me to go to college and be a successful person in the world. I used to stress a lot about school because I was worried, but now I feel like I CAN be a successful person in the workforce and in college. My grades have skyrocketed after watching this video. I cannot wait to be apart of the next wave of successful people.

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Your hair is absolutely fab.

This is a circle! If you set goals, and fulfill them, you would need to set more goals to reach, etc..
Writing down you goals is a really, really good idea. Along with the things mentioned in the video, it helps you to remember that you made goals, and what they are.

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I have been having troubles when I set goals. I set a date for when I want to have it done but I end up Flaking out and not putting any work into my goals. However recently I have set a goal of getting a job by the end of this year. So I can save my money and though I know this may be difficult, I want to be able to buy gifts for my friends and family. this is because I enjoy bringing smiles to peoples faces. I thank you for this video its helped me resolve my descions to continue this.


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