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I do not have a deposit tab in my app.

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I am so happy to see the app!

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My app does not show the deposit screen ... All it shows is "Accounts," "Transfers," "Payments," "Locations," and "More." There is no deposit screen under any of the tabs.

Galexy S4

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I have downloaded, uninstalled and re-downloaded and still won't give me the option to upload the check

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Downloaded the app but the deposite feature is not incluided.

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After the check is accepted in remote deposit, what do you do with the paper check?

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After the check is accepted, it's a good idea to keep the paper check for 30 days or so for your own records and just to be sure there are no other issues.

If you are having trouble getting the deposit action to show up on your app, feel free to call us at 800-856-7328, or come on down to any of our branches for assistance.

We are excited to provide this new feature to our members, and we hope you find it helpful and convenient! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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You ROCK. Thank you so much. I have for years asked for this service. Thank you so much for making it happen. JoAnn Baracosa.